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יום פתוח לתכנית מלמדים

תכנית מ.א. להשכרת מורים למדעי היהדות

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יום א’ 15-03-2009 18:00

מכון שלום הרטמן ר”ח גדליהו אלון 11, ירושלים

רננה רביצקי-פילזר

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From the opening of Hartman Institute Master Teacher, Prof. Noam Zion and Steve Israel’s curriculum, “The First Jew – A Journey Begun with a Fateful Choice“:

Abraham is rightly designated, according to the Bible, as “the pillar of the world”: “The term `rock’ was used figuratively to designate the root and principle of every thing. It is on this account that after saying: `Look unto the rock whence you were hewn,’ the Tanakh continues (Isaiah 51:1-2): `Look unto Abraham your father; and so on, giving, as it were, an interpretation according to which the rock whence you were hewn was Abraham your father. Tread therefore in his footsteps, adhere to his religion, and acquire his character” (Maimonides, Guide I.16, III.29)

Avraham - Learn about him at Shalom Hartman Institute

Avraham - Learn about him at Shalom Hartman Institute

With Torah portion “Lech Lecha” coming up this Shabbat (Nov. 7), it seemed as good a time as any to study a little about Abraham. In this weekly reading, Abram is told to leave his homeland and start a nation dedicated to the one God. His name is changed to Abraham along the way.

Zion has now made a massive curriculum about Abraham available to all for free. It’s an amazing compilation of erudite learning, practical exercises for students, source material and much, much more. It is certainly worthwhile reading for everyone from beginners and casual students of Torah to scholars. Jewish high school and Talmud Torah teachers will find the material invaluable. Here are a few of the headings and titles: (more…)

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