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September 1 is the traditional opening day for schools in Israel, and this year, everything got going smoothly at the Shalom Hartman Institute High Schools – separate schools in two locations – for boys and girls from grades 7-12.

The public education system in Israel is under significant stress, but optimism at the beginning of the school year is an annual events, and politicians like Prime Minister Netanyahu made the rounds.

At the Hartman Boys Middle School (7th and 8th grades) demand brought about creation of a third class.

Hartman Institute will also be involved with dozens of other schools across Israel, through the Be’eri program, which provides needed instruction in Judaism, Jewish history and culture, to students at “secular” Israeli high schools. And the Hartman Institute also will have a hand in improving the training and skills of teachers at North American Jewish schools through the rapidly growing Melamdim program.

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יום פתוח לתכנית מלמדים

תכנית מ.א. להשכרת מורים למדעי היהדות

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יום א’ 15-03-2009 18:00

מכון שלום הרטמן ר”ח גדליהו אלון 11, ירושלים

רננה רביצקי-פילזר

renanap@shi.org.il 02-5675406

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Education of community leaders, rabbis, Jewish education professionals, and, of course, students, among others, are one of the main areas of focus of Shalom Hartman Institute. But we want to help the teachers teach, as well. So, we have created a special “channel” of content on the main Institute website devoted to Education. (more…)

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It’s the first day of school in Israel; this year, the traditional date of Sep. 1 nicely coincides with Rosh Chodesh Elul, the preparatory month before the High Holiday season. The day went smoothly enough, even as Prime Minister Olmert faced protests in Nazareth, and Ethiopian-born Israelis protested in Petach Tikva.

Shimon Peres at Efrata School in Herusalem

Shimon Peres at Efrata School in Jerusalem

President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Wannabes Tzipi Livni (“We want a better country” – Hebrew link) and Shaul Mofaz each made school visits, too (Peres visited the school in South Jerusalem two of my children attend).

Even though we have grave doubts and concerns about the Israeli school system, there are new things and good things occurring – the “New Horizons” program, being adopted by hundreds of schools, aims to provide a more intensive one-on-one experience for israeli schools, where kids are notoriously lumped into large groups (my kids have 35 in their classes; some have 39 or 41)

Another program is a new government-sanctioned addition of Jewish content to secular Israeli curricula. (more…)

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