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President Obama is set to call a group of religious leaders today – that’s Aug. 19, 2009 –  to push his health care reform proposal. At least one rabbi with ties to Shalom Hartman Institute is going to be in on the call. Rabbi Jonah Layman, rabbi of Shaare Tefila Congregation of the Washington, DC, suburb of Silver Spring, MD, and a member of the current cohort of rabbis in the Institute’s Rabbinic Leadership Initiative, told us he is going to be in on the call.

That’s not surprising, as Rabbi Layman is co-chair of the Rabbinical Assembly’s Social Action Committee and Washington Board of Rabbis.

There are several faith-based groups supporting the president’s program, including Faithful America’s faithforhealth.org, and Reform Judaism’s jewsforhealthcarereform.org.

According to the LA Times, the president actually will be speaking with rabbis twice today (Shaharit and Mincha?). The first call is strictly to rabbis, a sort of Rosh Chodesh Elul, pre-Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe) health-care pep talk, and then the second call where rabbis are part of the larger group of pro-health-care-reform religious leaders:

First up is a “High Holy Day” call this morning with rabbis from Judaism’s Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements. Organizers hope the call will provide fodder for synagogue sermons when the Jewish holidays arrive next month.

To listen in on the call, go to the Faith For Health website.

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Starting tonight at the Shalom Hartman Institute is the first Christian Leadership Initiative. It’s a remarkable program, and we’ll see what comes of it. The idea is to teach U.S. Christian leaders about Judaism, in a Jewish way, with lectures, and text and havruta study. The program was set up to mirror the Institute’s ongoing Rabbinic Leadership Initiative, now in its third cohort

According to Rabbis Bill Berk, the Institute’s Director of Rabbinic Enrichment, and Gary Greenebaum, the U.S. Director for Interreligious Affairs of program co-sponsor American Jewish Committee, the program is aimed at helping “sustain and create religion that will repair and strengthen us,” and calls on the attendees to “come and learn with us” and “look at how we wrestle with God, with our problems, with ourselves

See a list of participants here.

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