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On October 6, the Shalom Hartman Institute, in partnership with Keren Karev, will launch the new Be’eri School for Teacher Education. The School will offer a basic and advanced track for teachers, as well as a track customized for school principals.

The basic teachers training track provides junior and high school teachers with the tools required to become instructors in Jewish heritage—Tarbut Yisrael. The advanced track is targeted at accredited teachers in the field of Jewish heritage who wish to broaden their expertise in this field and potentially become Tarbut Yisrael coordinators in their schools.

The principal track will equip participants with advanced Tarbut Yisrael training, enabling participants to play a leading role in strengthening pluralistic Jewish values and identity among their students. In response to requests from graduates of the principal track, a special program, led by a SHI faculty researcher, has been created. Graduates will meet six times a year to enhance their knowledge through a Beit Midrash learning format.

Eighty-five educators have registered for the 2010-11 school year. Be’eri schools proactively encouraged their staff to obtain the School’s enriched education, integral to the program mission. 70% of the participating educators hail from institutions that are part of the Be’eri program. The remaining participants will support the outreach of the Be’eri program to new schools.

“We are very excited to be opening the Be’eri School for Teacher Education, tasked to develop educators with an enhanced knowledge of Tarbut Yisrael disciplines,” says Rani Jaeger, Director of the School and a researcher at the Shalom Hartman Institute. “Principals and teachers are key to introducing young Israelis to pluralistic Israeli-Jewish identity education.  Our school will provide educators with the pedagogical training needed to inspire and lead a new pluralistic Jewish-Israeli discourse in our society.”

So what is so special about Be’eri? Read more about the program and its impact on Israeli schools here.

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Irit Hafetz talks to teachers in Be’eri program – 13.12.09

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Yitzhak Rabi talks to Be’eri teachers – 2.7.09

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Hartman Institute ideas, scholars (including David Hartman), and programs (Be’eri) have been in the news a great deal recently. Click here to read about the Goldstone report and the Israeli army, radical rabbis, educating Israelis about their Judaism, and more.

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Three Jerusalem high school students participating in the Shalom Hartman Institute’s Be’eri program recently enthralled the Institute’s Lay Leaders with their experiences. Asked by one adult if he felt like he was missing out on other activities by participating in Be’eri’s four hours of Jewish learning, he said, flat out, that he was not. The time in Be’eri is well spent, he said. The Be’eri program is expanding beginning this fall to additional schools throughout Israel.

That’s why it’s  gratifying to see that the Israeli Knesset has approved legislation that will establish (more…)

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